Saturday, July 4, 2009

List of Phishing Programs

Warning Message that has just been posted at TG, be careful.

New List of Phishing Programs:

All of these websites are dangerous programs. Their script redirects you to fake SCI of LR (sci {dot} libertyreCserve {dot} com and sci {dot} libertyreCerve {dot} com) during investing through Liberty Reserve.
In fact, They are trying to get your login info, then they will hack your LR and steal your LR fund.
Unfortunately, some monitors list these phishing programs as Paying hyips. Actually, They will help phishers cheating innocent investors of their hard earned money.

Please stay away from the following monitors: (The owner of this website is the partner of phishing programs, He already changed the status of "" to Paying, in spite of our warning and contacts, also he added banner ad of two phishing programs; maxhyips and His username in talkgold forum is skylineGTR. Please don't trust this monitor) (This monitors belongs to phishers)

Almost all of above monitors placed banner ads of phishing programs. They only think about the money that phishers pay to them (even for a few cents), not about innocent visitor who may become a victim of phishing.

Also some of these monitors are members of talkgold forum and make nonsense posts daily to promote phishing programs.

Anyway, I ask all monitors to blacklist phishing programs and post here.

Please be careful.

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