Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I want to inform you that I have added new HYIP to our Premium list.
VivaFex - VivaFex.Com
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Another one Phishing Website

Fake Shopping Cart Interface (SCI) has been discovered on forexmarket-brokers.com .
When a member tries to invest, program script redirects him to the fake page (sci.libertyreCserve.com) to grab a LibertyReserve account.

Be careful!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Scam Warning

I've found few complaints for these programs during sorting off received reports.



According to the reports, the admins of these HYIPs used scam tricks or never pay to the program members (at least for those members who sent the complaints).
Be careful! DON'T invest in this scam


Wall Street swindler Madoff to be stripped of riches

A federal judge in New York City has ordered disgraced financier Bernard Madoff to forfeit about $170 billion US, prosecutors said Friday.

On Monday, the same judge will sentence Madoff, who has pleaded guilty to fleecing hundreds of investors out of tens of billions of dollars in a massive Ponzi scheme.

At the time of Madoff's arrest late last year, fictitious account statements showed thousands of clients had investments worth $65 billion US. But investigators said he never traded securities, and instead used money from new investors to pay returns to existing clients.

The $170 billion is the amount prosecutors said flowed through the main account used to operate the scheme, not an actual amount of assets held. The government will probably only be able to recoup a fraction of it.

Prosecutors said the total losses, which span decades, haven't been calculated. But 1,341 accounts opened since December 1995 alone suffered losses of $13.2 billion, they said.

Prosecutors have asked that Madoff, 71, be handed a prison sentence of 150 years for masterminding the fraud.

Madoff has been in jail in New York since pleading guilty in March.

The forfeiture order announced Friday means U.S. marshals will be able to sell Madoff's apartment and primary residence in Manhattan, a house in Palm Beach, Fla., and a home in Montauk on New York's Long Island.

Other assets to be sold include luxury cars and boats, a home in Cap d'Antibes, France, artwork and jewelry.

Madoff and his wife, Ruth, will lose their interest in tens of millions of dollars in loans they made to family, employees and friends.

U.S. District Court Judge Denny Chin also signed an agreement Friday under which Ruth Madoff gave up her claim to more than $80 million in assets owned by the couple, keeping just $2.5 million in cash.


DirectResult — DirectResult.Net

I want to inform you that I have added new HYIP to our Premium list.
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Pay Per Candidate for Yahoo! HotJobs

Yahoo! released what it refers to as the first performance-based online recruitment product, Yahoo! HotJobs Pay Per Candidate. The new HotJobs feature lets recruiters pay for candidates instead of just per listing.

The idea is that this will help recruiters tie their dollars directly to their results. The recruitment community will get its first look at the product at the upcoming Society for Human Resource Management conference starting June 28 in New Orleans.

"Recruiters are being asked to find top talent using fewer resources than ever, and Yahoo!'s Pay Per Candidate model gives them the tools to increase the accountability of their listings," says Yahoo! HotJobs Vice President and General Manager Chris Merritt." With recruiters facing resume overload in today’s job market, the Pay Per Candidate solution will allow them to spend their time and budget on only the best candidates."

According to Yahoo's site, Pay Per Candidate lets users:

- Closely manage costs for your online recruiting needs.

- Cap the number of Applies per job and re-allocate unused Applies to other jobs throughout the term of your contract.

- Save time, because when you use the HotJobs application process, you no longer have to evaluate candidates that haven't been pre-screened by your questionnaire.

Recruiters can choose one of two application methods when using Pay Per Candidate: candidates complete the entire job application on the HotJobs site, or candidate clicks-through to their company's hire site. With the first option, recruiters have the ability to pay only for pre-screened candidates. With the second, recruiters keep candidates on their career website for the application process.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

ddos attack

Last night our website was under a huge ddos attack. The website was down for some hours but we and our hosting provider successfully blocked it.

Thanks for your patience.
HYIP monitor. admin

The most searched programs

May 2009 - The most searched programs list

1. Bricsfx.biz
2. majorbarter.com
3. geniusfunds.com
4. onisgroup.com
5. NanoMoneyCorp.com
6. verifield.com
7. InvestmentForge.com
8. panamoney.net
9. stoic-capital.com
10. infinitiva.com

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson dead at 50

My thoughts and prayer goes out the all the Jackson family, and especially his children. There will never be another like him he will be greatly missed. God bless and keep you Mrs. Jackson. R.I.P MJ.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

GeniusFunds — GeniusFunds.com introduce a new product

GeniusFunds — GeniusFunds.com new product

10.06.09 Introduction of Genius HYDA

We are proud to introduce a new product replacing the Genius CD. Genius HYDA or High-Yield Deposit Account is a deposit account without a term. You may deposit funds into your HYDA account and earn one of the highest yields possible without committing yourself to a long investment maturity term.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Phishing Warning

The admin of Stable Interest HYIP has made an urgent statement:

I should pay your attention towards the fact we have detected the phishing site, which is a mirror of an original site www.stableinterest.com.
The fraudulent site is tx-invest.com. We should warn all our members and listing sites against joining and registering on the site of tx-invest.com.
The passwords and other private data may be stolen.

Let me inform you, we have already sent the abuses to hosters and domain registrars. They are working on eliminating the mirror.
Within some time the fraudulent site should go offline not to cause any troubles for our members and potential clients.

Once again, be ware! DON'T DEAL WITH tx-invest.com. The original and
uniques site is www.stableinterest.com. Please watch the link you enter carefully.
Once again, be aware! Don't deal with tx-invest.com.
The original one is www.stableinterest.com.
Please watch the link carefully.

Remember, we take care of your security and safety of your funds!

Thanks for your cooperation. In case you have any questions, please contact us immediately.

Brian Reynolds
StableInterest.com Support Manager

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Infinitiva.com — Infinitiva.com

New HYIP program added 

Claim to pay Up to 2.6% daily for 150 business days 
launched:Jun 3rd, 2009    

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