Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fake gorgonprojectinvest Website

Beware of a new fraudulent website that supports the phishing email is designed to mirror the Gorgon Project Invest web site it is purporting to be.
This scum have registered a domain name similar of the Gorgon Project Invest to trick people, the domain name is gorgRonprojectinvest.com
Scammer sent out phishing email that is claim to be from Gorgon Project to gain people to their fake site
Subject: New Plan Added - "Gorgon Doubler" - 200% After 3 Days
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From: GorgonProjectInvest
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Dear Investors,

we are proud to announce our first, special plan that will only last for a limited time. GorgonProjectInvest would like to thank everyone for the continuous support and cooperation you have put into our investment opportunity.

The plan is called "Gorgon Doubler", hence the return of it is 200% after 3 days. In other words, double your initial investment in just three calendar days. To invest in this plan, you will be required to deposit at least $100 USD and the maximum is $50,000.

In order to make the deposit into our special plan, you're not required to login. Our system will automatically recognize your username and investment will be credited as soon as we receive the funds.

Please visit our website to proceed with investment: http://gorgronprojectinvest.com/deposit.php

Respectfully Yours,
GorgonProjectInvest Admin

The purpose of the fake site is to trick people into thinking they are at the Gorgon Project genuine web site, and make deposit (pay to scammer LR) to fake `New plan`

Please, ignore this email and stay away from the site gorgRonprojectinvest.com