Saturday, August 29, 2009 under DDOS attack

The website of HYIP is under attack, according to admin's report.
The site is under attack. We are working over this problem and hope to come back to normal work soon. Sorry for the inconveniences.

Therefore the website will be inaccessible during the next few hours.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

new LR Phishing site

new LR Phishing site

here is a Phishing email,

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for using a Liberty Reserve service.
This letter was sent to your Liberty Reserve account.

As you may have noticed, Liberty Reserve's website was offline or undergoing various software upgrades a few weeks ago because of the need to apply some new security updates to the system. Everything is fine now but we need you to confirm your account with us. Please click on the following link and verify your account info by filling the form. This is done because there is a chance that some accounts do not function properly with the newly updated system and we would like to ensure that you are the genuine holder of the account. In case you don't fill all the fields, and an internal system conflict occurs between your account and system database, your Liberty Reserve account will be locked down for an unknown period of time.
We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.
Please click on the following link to verify your account:

hidden link :

For information and support please e-mail us at
Thank you.

If you receive this e-mail
* Do not reply.
* Do not open any attachments. Attachments may contain malicious code that will infect your computer.
* Do not click on any links.
If you clicked on links in a suspicious e-mail or phishing Web site and entered confidential information, change email and passwords and also Lgin PIN and Master Key - immediately

Solid Trust Pay database has been hacked.

It came to our attention that Solid Trust Pay database has been hacked.
They admitted themselves on their official blog

SolidTrustPay has identified a malicious attack against its clients and business. As has been publicly stated, we came under an extensive DDoS attack which resulted in significant downtime for all members. While in the process of mitigating this attack, our servers came under brute force attack and information from our database was stolen. These are criminal acts. The perpetrator subsequently created a URL wherein he posted the stolen information. SolidTrust, within 24 hours, was successful in reporting the crime to the ISP and webhosting provider of that URL, and the offending link and illegal content has been taken down.

Events such as the above constitute online “break and enter”. Some will accuse SolidTrust of negligence and we will be sharply criticized. If a thief breaks into your well guarded house and steals from you, it does not make you an irresponsible home owner. We are not downplaying these events – but there has been no loss of information, no loss of funds, no access to passwords, none of the information in the database has been changed in any way.

This attack has been contracted and paid for by an individual or group. A war of this magnitude and depth is not cheap, and no one does it just for fun. Somebody somewhere wants SolidTrust Pay gone – but that is not going to happen.

Anyone who is worried about their information is asked to contact and we will work to assure you that your information is safe.

We would like to advice all HYIP punters who are using STP to change their emails and passwords or any other personal information inside their STP account for their own security. We think that's the best thing to do right now.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

New LibertyGuard version 1.42

New version available now, version 1.42 is a compatible with Firefox 3.5
Details here...
Download LibertyGuard firefox addon
Download Firefox 3.5

Friday, August 14, 2009 has planed to change the current domain name has planed to change the current domain name,
new domain names will be introduced: and
Monitor Listing : OnisGroup —

Program homepage : OnisGroup —

Thursday, August 13, 2009

SolidTrust Pay will no longer be able to allow StrictPay to interact with its system

Strict Pay just announced that Solid Trust Pay don't allowed them to interact for withdrawal/deposit with STP.

We have been notified by SolidTrustPay that they will no longer do business with StrictPay. We received this message from SolidTrustPay:

SolidTrust Pay will no longer be able to allow StrictPay to interact with its system as of August 15, 2009. As you are a Money Services Business, SolidTrust cannot provide you with services. You may not receive any deposits IN to your account after the date above.

As the SolidTrustPay website has been offline for much of the last couple days, we have decided to stop allowing deposit and withdraw requests through them immediately, and all requests currently in our system will be canceled. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or contact SolidTrustPay if you would like a more thorough explanation about why they will no longer work with us.

Team StrictPay
The Best Payment Solution

SolidTrustPay under DDOS attack

Probably you've already seen that the website of SolidTrustPay becomes inaccessible from time to time. Here is admin's explanation of such situation:

Site Is Under DDOS attack. Alot of the problem right now is that we are having connection issues and time out problems.
The site it back up and has not been compromised in anyway.

SolidTrust is not going anywhere and to please be patient, everything should be 100% again very soon. A DDOS attack happens to alot of websites, banks, investment companies etc.
Paypal and Alertpay have had them as well, it is just a matter of the recovery time. We have recovered but just working on getting the connections back up to par.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

PAC again accept LR for both sites PAC and PRS

Great news for Liberty Reserve users, PAC now accept LR

We are pleased to inform you all that we will be once again accepting LR for both PAC and PRS. This is a dynamic industry and we have to be flexible and make allowances for the good of all

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Phishing attack on Nanomoneycorp

We’ve received multiple tips of a new phishing attack that has broken out on
If you get an email message that looks to be from with the subject, “NanoMoneyCorp :: Bonus has been sent to your account,” and featuring the text below, don’t bother clicking on the link included.
Doing so takes you to a site called nanomoneycorp.BIZ that mimics the look of the main NanoMoneyCorp login page, hoping to get you to sign in.
Naturally, if you do that, the site will have access to your real NanoMoneyCorp account.

Dear investor,

We are happy to announce new bonus for you.

Your bonus for a program PLP-969080BA is approved now.

The amount of $67.50 has been sent to your account.

<a href=''>Access your NanoMoneyCorp account</a>

Should you need any additional assistance from us contact us

Wish you all the best and thank you for your collaboration with

Wish you all the best.


Support Team.

NanoMoneyCorp is one of the best ever established company that
help to get financial advantage from nanotechnology research.
We help our investors make right decisions to profit from
nanoscale science and technology.
Our clients include top decision makers at large corporations,
portfolio managers and analysts at leading financial
institutions, CEOs of the most innovative start-ups, and
visionary public policy makers. For more information visit


Tuesday, August 4, 2009 will be temporarily unavailable site will be temporarily unavailable due to a changing Domain Name System (DNS)
The site is currently is not accessible as we are changing our DNS so it might need some update time. We'll be back online today. Sorry for any possible inconveniences.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

PHISHING sites Warning !!!

Multiple PHISHING sites.
This is list of sites that are online now, all sites launched by the same scam-artist
The owner of these sites are using fake SCI of
We have check all these sites, absolutely fact these are PHISHING sites.

Be careful