Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Phishing ALERT - JustBeenPaid

There is a Phishing spam email going around right now, claiming to be from   
JustBeenPaid (JBP) -
This is fake email, if you click on provided link you will  be redirect to the fake Liberty reserve (Phishing site)site
so don't bother clicking on the link included.


you are winner of positions from JustBeenPaid,

the best success training and moneymaking system on the web!

JustBeenPaid gives random positions for free.

Today, we selected your account as the one of 5 top winners accounts,

who will get positions for free from us.

YOU WON 100 JSS-Tripler Positions !!! (It's cost is $1000)

To claim your free positions you must pay a $0.50 fees through LibertyReserve.

So we will know that you are active member.

Please follow that direct link to pay the fees:
************** some fake link here ****************
Best Regards,
JustBeenPaid Admin
If you've got the following or any similar email, please don't click the link.
Those mails are not from the JustBeenPaid  and intended to steal your Liberty Reserve Login information!