Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Site is fully functioning, currently STF available by using  all TOP-Level-Domain names
STFmonitor.COM               STFmonitor.NET          STFmonitor.ORG            STF-monitor.com

Some changes also made,  using Voting/comment system  and Contact request page via 
Proxy servers and VPN  blocked at the software level,  (It's already prohibited according to our rules) So, now Votes/Comments will be  automatic flagged  as a `Fake` and IP addresses will be blacklisted.  This changes must help to prevent Fake voting and Spam  in general.

Monday, February 25, 2013

STFmonitor downtime

Dear STFmonitor  users, our site get a huge attack from scammers and we have some problem with the domain name  stfmonitor.com
We have now setup several mirror sites, if any of them inaccessible we will be enable another one, so try all of them please here the links:
Currently worked http://stf-monitor.com
If this one is down,  will be work this one
If this one is down,  will be work this one

Sorry for the downtime, we will work hard to keep them up.