Sunday, August 9, 2009

Phishing attack on Nanomoneycorp

We’ve received multiple tips of a new phishing attack that has broken out on
If you get an email message that looks to be from with the subject, “NanoMoneyCorp :: Bonus has been sent to your account,” and featuring the text below, don’t bother clicking on the link included.
Doing so takes you to a site called nanomoneycorp.BIZ that mimics the look of the main NanoMoneyCorp login page, hoping to get you to sign in.
Naturally, if you do that, the site will have access to your real NanoMoneyCorp account.

Dear investor,

We are happy to announce new bonus for you.

Your bonus for a program PLP-969080BA is approved now.

The amount of $67.50 has been sent to your account.

<a href=''>Access your NanoMoneyCorp account</a>

Should you need any additional assistance from us contact us

Wish you all the best and thank you for your collaboration with

Wish you all the best.


Support Team.

NanoMoneyCorp is one of the best ever established company that
help to get financial advantage from nanotechnology research.
We help our investors make right decisions to profit from
nanoscale science and technology.
Our clients include top decision makers at large corporations,
portfolio managers and analysts at leading financial
institutions, CEOs of the most innovative start-ups, and
visionary public policy makers. For more information visit


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