Saturday, October 3, 2009

Surfinglegacy refunds

According SL admin aka Gilbert Surfinglegacy refunds will be given to members who are at a loss, meaning if you upgraded more than you got paid the difference will be your refund.
Your refunded amount will be transferred to your NEWSURFAGE account as an upgrade so that you will start earning not only from your upgrades but you will also earn referral commissions.

Please follow these steps:
#1. Register a NEWSURFAGE account

#2. Log into your Surfinglegacy account and check to see if you are at a loss. An easy way to calculate this is-
Total upgrade minus(-) Total paid = Refund amount if the number is Positive(+)
A negative amount means you are at a profit and do not qualify for a refund.

#3. If you are at a loss(negative), send an email to
Put in the subject field - Transfer and
send your Surfinglegacy email/ ID# and Newsurfage email/username