Wednesday, November 18, 2009

GNI Merchant Clarification

`Solid Trust Pay` notice :
As publicly posted by one of our merchants, GNI (Gold Nugget Invest), they are experiencing a cash flow challenge in their SolidTrust Pay account. This is due to one of their correspondent bank’s bank accounts being frozen at the moment, resulting in them not being able to send funds with which to honour withdrawal requests. They also claim they have not been successful in finding sufficient exchangers to transfer funds from other processors to SolidTrust.

Members wishing to still receive their withdrawal requests have been presented with other options, rather than wait for more funds to arrive in the GNI SolidTrust Pay account. Members who choose to withdraw via SolidTrust are welcome to do so, but GNI has advised that there will be a delay in their (not SolidTrust Pay’s) system.

We wish to assure all members that this situation is in no way the fault of SolidTrust Pay. It is simply a temporary cashflow issue with Gold Nugget Invest, their banks, and processing partners.

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