Sunday, February 14, 2010

Investmentscorner — SCAM Warning!!!

Investmentscorner — SCAM Warning!!!
Special Alert to our readers. This notice is about a fraudulent scam HYIP site
Actually, looking at their fraudulent activites on HYIP forums when they launch program it is not a big surprise.
I don't know why the Investmentscorner thread on DTM Forum still exist on the "current hyip" folder and hasn't been moved to scam hyip folder.
The owner also prevents members from discussing about on public forums, blogs or any other websites.
He does not want his scam activity be heard or noticed publicly and does not want to attract the attention from the authority if his scam is spread widely.
But he DID it by himself with two fake ID on DTM, those fake users was banned from TG and MMG for posting fake screenshots of payments and the use of multiple ID. scam is a classic HYIP ponzi and scam trap for investors, If you don't want to loose your money and your account, stay far away from them.

1 comment:

  1. They're not just an HYIP but more. Look! They offer other services: Money Transfer, Currency Exchange and they even got Shops!! Wow! A whole lot of scam they have.

    The site is unprofessional and the weird thing is that they invest on real estate. I never knew any HYIP that invests on real estate. And I think that investing on a real estate is not that profitable.

    Stay away from this site. It's a SCAM!