Friday, December 16, 2011

Multiple scammer - forexnetgain

We have received complain from one of our users
here is proof of my invest
made the investment:Date 12/13/2011 ***** Batch 79019*** From U********
(******) To U7097849 (forexnetgain)Amount $500.00 Memo
So, since users still jump in this oldest scam trap we going to publish some info we have about of this scammer

This scum has tons of Forum ID some he is used in active mode
sundulhyip primary ID on many hyip forums and another one

Started scam job with egold near 2007
one of his old sites still online :

Fake Monitors for pimping his own scams
this one dead already

Own tons hyip scams, here about 60 hyip scams list and some of LR accounts, you must blacklist them all
U5732420 (CanaFunds)
U2053896 (LR Futures)
U1746333 (PROX TRADE)
U6769539 (Maxis Fund)
U1440263 (Hyips)
U6277202 (Safely Investment)
U4217190 (Gold Investment Live)
U8749063 (Short Term Investment)
U8873784 (CanadaInvest)
U4308403 (InvestorSavingBank)
U0700128 (ForexInvestmentCapital)
U8096810 (FX Elite)
U1162996 (BrotherFinance)
U3907442 (SecurityInvestment)
U2439998 (Bylthwood Associates)
U6608040 (Liberty Reserve Money)
U7244897 (Income)
U8334345 (Working LR)
U7769654 (AndosehInvestment)
U5896306 (Grand Wealth Signal)
U4411303 (VFX Trading Bank )
U7189776 (Private Asset Management)
U4053758 (securehyip)
U7503815 (NDCA Traders Fund)
U6526268 (BullionsHYIP)
U7441675 (FXCM Money Central)
U1785676 (World Trust Bank)
U3002043 (McLain Finance)
U1532705 (hyipinvesting)
U1978733 (Venture Finance Corp.)
U9556728 (giant-investment)
U8188729 (Futures Investment Fund)
U7097849 (forexnetgain)
U5039710 (MutualFundsBanking)
U1138484 (PermanentClub)
U4351216 (PLRI)
U5354564 (PadHyip)
U7486254 (Wise Kevin)
U2213151 (RedTie-Forex)
U5664755 (European H.Y.I.P.)
U4556076 (SeriousInvestorHome)
U6982204 (highreturnatinvestment)
U2484396 (citrusfinance)
U3657601 (gleenmanagement)
U4630947 (Insurance)
U5820821 (Professional 9000)
U2863546 (Hyip Monitor Plan)
U2200422 (Fast Money 24)

and here is the list of all his scam sites that is currently online:

Hope people will have googling before spend in this scams.


  1. You r absolutely right. I lost $100 to The reason I fall for it is because of and
    Dear admin, is there a way to Shut them down. If you can make your blog appear on top of a google search many people will be blessed from it. Please take that to Notice.

  2. SCAM NOT PAYING !!!!!!
    Liberty Reserve Money Club 01/25/2012 10:35 8......0 U7173215 (Liberty Rese...) - $9.00
    Merchant Reference: Memo: Receive 190% in Within 48 Hours
    01/25/2012 10:33 8......7 U7173215 (Liberty Rese...) - $40.00
    paid U.S. $ 40 +9,
    I wrote several letters to the Admin!
    the question has no answer to admin

  3. please is a scam or legit and what are the legit HYIP sites

  4. is a SCAM. Watchout. I lost $50 to them.

  5. I was nearly going to invest in hyip in as I would get 200% back should any of the hyip did not pay me. Lucky I came across this blog.

  6. is also a scam site i lost 100$ in it do not invest in those site the are all ponzi schemes......

  7. Iah I invested on on july 08th, but unfortunately, this site did not make any automatic withdrawal. I wait...wait. Then after few days, I decided to contact administration, and I give you the proof:

    "We receive your $100 deposited
    But Our Plan #1 was closed on July 1st 2012
    and our min deposit raised 2,000 now
    Now you deposited $100 in our program.
    You will not lose your first deposit, It is holding in our system.
    You just need to make another deposit , we will add two deposits for you.
    Make sure your total deposit more than $2,000.
    Your plan will start Immediately when your total deposit reach $2,000
    You will be paid on time. Please mail to us if you still have questions."

    And that administration still keeps in their site that the minimum investment is $ Some guys think to make business like that. To cheat people... thanks

  8. I deposited $500.00 with a company called GciHYIP on 8/9/12 I was told after I made my deposit to their account(U5354564) that their minimum deposit had changed to $3000.00 and I would have to send an additional $2500.00 . They would nit return my deposit andthey are still advertising to this day that they are still accepting $500.00 as a minimum deposit. Stay away from this company