Monday, July 6, 2009

PAC LR account was hacked via the API

It is sad that history repeats itself so quickly, LR account was hacked again, now we can deposit via STP, AP, SP or PM.
Those people who have LR AdPacks must choose from these payment systems which they want to be paid.

Our LR account was hacked via the API payment system a while ago. That is why we stopped taking it before. We were told of a few ways to avoid this and were following them but the same thing has happened today. Fortunately we have been keeping vigil and transferring the funds to secret accounts, so no damage was done. But we feel that it is no longer safe to use as we would have to spend most of our day transferring daily deposits.

LR support, of course, offers no assistance. There is a big loop hole in LR security. It is on their end as it's impossible to hack an LR account from the outside, the API details are not stored anywhere and they just don't want to do anything about it. They ignore the fact that there is an issue and try to convince you that your computer must have been compromised. If it was a trojan the hacker would just login to the account normally and transfer the funds. It would much easier than going through the API. They also would have emptied all our other accounts but none of them have an API set up to make payments.

So that closes our Chapter with LR. We sincerely regret the inconvenience. If you are an admin or use the API system, please be very careful not to keep large amounts in that account. All members who have LR AdPacks, continue surfing as normal. When your AdPacks expire, please submit a ticket and let us know which PP you want to be paid to STP, AP, SP or PM. Please give us upto 3 Business Days to pay you. As we need to do some exchanging.

We really look forward to your co-operation on this matter.

Have a Wonderful Day,
Kazzy and EL.