Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pre-Launch of a new autosurf! is in Pre-Launch:

The paid to surf industry has gone through a lot of stages with different plans and trends,various gadgets and all sorts of ways to try and make the programs sustainable.

One thing they all (or at least most) have in common, is that they are highly depending on members spends, some solely, some combining it with making money in other programs... piggy backing... or in rare occasions doing trading of some sort.

Cloudshare is different!

In a simple way, with powerful tools and innovative ideas behind, you will be able to earn money viewing websites around the Internet as well as get quality to your own website, affiliate site or any other site (with some ethical exceptions) you wish to promote.

You sign up, add your site and purchase impressions. You then view other users sites in the Cloudshare view engine and in return you will earn credits as well as qualify for a share of the revenue generated. How fast you earn will depend on activity (yours and other users) as well as how much can be generated from the Virtual ads sales. Earning rate is based on a simple revenue share model plan where the $s made each day is spread amongst active users.

Note that currently Cloudshare is only open for registrations, there are still a few practical things to take care of behind the scenes before full launch! It wont be long though and by signing up now you will be amongst the first to know Plus you can start promoting to earn from referrals once it goes live.

Oh and note also that maximum purchase amounts for view engine impressions will be very limited to begin with. Cloudshare is a true income based venture and will only pay on real earnings, so to ensure this is possible you wont be able to purchase 100's or 1000's of $s worth at least not until it is viable to pay you back that kind of money plus!

Lazy HAR's can just go away now, don't even bother, or you can get in line and do the work like everyone else and make honest money on real income, slowly but steady!

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